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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Hiram H. Martin, Jr. was born on September 15, 1838, the son of Hiram H. and Sarah (West) Martin. He was a wheelwright (wagon / carriage maker) under the guidance of his father, who learned the trade from his father before him. In 1861, Hiram engaged in the business of undertaking and opened a funeral parlor in his father's shop at the corner of Washington Street and East Beekman Street. Hiram moved his family and his funeral business many times in the next few years, while residing in the same building as his business for most of the years:

1872 - 175 Broadway (residing at 73 Walworth Street)

1874 - 6 Caroline Street (residence and business)

1876 - 14 Caroline Street (residence and business)

1879 - 18 Lake Avenue (residence and business)

1883 - 14-16 Lake Avenue (residence and business)

 Hiram was active in the community, serving as Saratoga Springs Town Supervisor and was a member of the Board of Education for two terms. When he passed away, the schools were closed on the day of his funeral, to honor him. In 1890, Hiram's son, William, joined the firm and it became H.H. Martin & Son. Hiram continued in the business until he retired shortly before his death on April 23, 1897.

William M. Martin had a "genial and charitable disposition" and belonged to nearly every fraternal organization in the county. He was elected a New York State Legislator on the Democratic ticket, served as a member of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors, and was a Village of Saratoga Springs Trustee. He owned a large dairy farm out Union Avenue, and had a dairy business in the city. His dairy farm is now known as "Longfellows". After his father's death, William continued to own and operate the funeral home of William M. Martin & Company with his mother, Ellen (Barber) Martin, and his sister, Viola (Martin) Robertson.  William died on May 5, 1920.

Arthur C. Kark worked as an undertaker for the Martins. After William's death in 1920, Kark moved with his wife, Maude, into 14-16 Lake Avenue and became the proprietor of the funeral home. In 1921 he purchased the William M. Martin & Company business from the estate of William Martin and ran the funeral home there for five years, keeping the William M. Martin & Company name.

On October 1, 1926, he moved the business to 105 Lake Avenue and changed the name to A. C. Kark Funeral Service. He continued on his own for twenty-four years. In September 1943, Kark announced a business reorganization and took on a new partner, Andrew S. Calyer, of Newburgh, NY. Calyer moved to Saratoga Springs with his wife, Olive, and their two children, leaving his family funeral home in Newburgh. He had been involved in the family business since boyhood. Mr. Kark said his decision to take a partner was made because it had been difficult to ensure efficient service due to the war time employment conditions. Presently, nothing more is known about Calyer in the years that followed.

Mahlon C. Tunison, Jr. (Mike) was employed by Kark from 1940 to 1942, when he went off to World   War II. He served as a Master Sergeant in the Grave Registration Service and was an embalmer in England during the war. On March 1, 1947, Kark made Mike his business partner and the name was changed to Kark & Tunison Funeral Home. On September 1, 1950, Mike bought out Kark's interest in the funeral home, and Kark retired. Mike continued on under the same name, Kark & Tunison Funeral Home.  Mike and his wife, Ruth (Foy), continued to live above the funeral home with their children, Gregory & Richard until the late 1970s.

The funeral home remained under the same name until 1978 when it became Tunison Funeral Home. At that time, Mike retired, and sons Gregory and Richard Tunison ran the family business until 1994. Each had their own apartment above the funeral home and resided with their families.

Daniel R. Warren bought Tunison Funeral Home in 1994 from the Tunison brothers. In 1995 Daniel took a partner, Glenn Ward. Presently, Daniel proudly serves the people of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding area in their time of need.

~One Hundred-Fifty Years~

"From a journey begun by the son of a wheelwright."

(Special thanks to the staff of the Saratoga Room of the Saratoga Springs Public Library and Mary Ann Fitzgerald, Saratoga Springs City Historian, and Andrea Lantz, great grandaughter to Hiram H. Martin.)

 History in Pictures

Ellen (Baber) Martin 1889, Wife of Hiram H. Martin

Martin Farm presently known as Longfellows

Martin Farm presently known as Longfellows

Viola Grace Martin sister of W. Martin

William M. Martin in front of Family Home at 28 Marion Place

William Martin & Co, Lake Avenue

Our Valued Staff

Daniel R. Warren

Daniel R. Warren, Owner, Funeral Director

Ashley L. Mollica

Ashley L. Mollica, Funeral Director

Owners Past and Present 

Hiram H. Martin

William M. Martin

Arthur C. Kark

Mahlon C. Tunison

Richard Tunison

Gregory Tunison

Daniel R. Warren